Grand Championship
We are very proud of Fawcett for winning a Grand Championship at the 2008 Lloydminster Alpaca Showcase which included 160 competing entries.
We are very pleased that D'Marco, our herdsire, managed to win the top bid in the Feb 2009 Alpaca Canada Futurity Stud Auction which involved over 60 nominated studs from across Canada.
Selling alpaca breeding stock is our business. Click on THE ALPACAS  in the left side menu bar to review the wide selection of animals that you can purchase.

Are you looking for relief from daily stress? A 'warm and fuzzy' that makes you feel better and brings new meaning to your life. Maybe you are looking for some easy care, non-threatening, loveable pets for your children, or grand children. Maybe you have a small acreage but something is missing to make it feel complete. Maybe you just need a reason to get up in the morning. Maybe you enjoy fibre crafts and need a realiable supply of natural, luxurious raw fibre. Maybe you are looking for an investment with tangible and intangible returns.

If you enjoy the company of animals and the enriching experience they can add to your life, then you may want to consider the environmental friendly alpaca. Domesticated for over 5000 years, the tame, calm alpaca can fulfill all these needs and more.

If you are a Breeder looking for studs and/or proven females, be sure to review the available selection to see if we have animals that meet your needs.

Maybe you have a top notch stud but you need more inexpensive females for breeding and subsequent sales. This need can also be accommodated.

It is difficult to resist the charm of these animals and the sense of calm, well being and peacefulness they can impart.
If you are unfamiliar with the fabulous alpaca and would like to know more, please click on the following links. Each link will take you to a different website. These websites contain a wealth of information on alpacas:



Additional information is also available on my LINKS page. If you can not find what you are looking for, please send me an email and I will help you find the information you require.
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Flight of Fancy, sired by D'Marco, placed first in her class at the 2011 Canadian National Alpaca Sale
and Futurity. This is the most competitive show in Canada with over $30,000 in prize money awarded.
Fawcett, Freedom, Treasure Island, Fantasy and Tamaron all achieved recognition. The details are available for each animal in THE ALPACAS section.  This is very gratifying, must be heading in the right direction.
This video is intended to be an introduction to alpacas and the alpaca industry. It features a broad spectrum of the industry, including the animals, registry, show system, discussion of fiber, fiber products, and the alpaca way of life.