Photo by Barrie Wood
How's a girl supposed to get her beauty rest with you snoring like that ?
I do not think that's what they meant when they say 'EXPOSE' yourself to alpacas !

Photo by Kristen Withey
David Wood
Woody Acres Alpacas
Saskatoon, Sk., Canada

Tel: 306 373-4949   Fax: 306 477-2214

Hours: 9:00 AM to 9: 00 PM (CST), Every day
Member of:   CLAA (Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association), AC ( Alpaca Canada), AOA   (Alpaca Owners Association, US) 
SABN (Saskatchewan Alpaca Breeders Network) 
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What'cha talkin bout, I don't see nothin.Get off me ya big lug !!Cesar is the best !aaaaaah ! That's it, now a little more to the right.Cold one this morning, eh Harry ?and this is Hector.Flying is for the birds !!!Pure joy shared.
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