David Wood
Woody Acres Alpacas
Saskatoon, Sk., Canada

Tel: 306 373-4949   Fax: 306 477-2214
Email: dlwood2001@hotmail.com

Hours: 9:00 AM to 9: 00 PM (CST), Every day
Member of:   CLAA (Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association), AIC ( Alpaca Info Canada), AOA   (Alpaca Owners  Association, US)       SABN (Saskatchewan Alpaca Breeders Network) 
This page was last updated: March 27, 2015
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City Information

This link will take you to a weath of information about our wonderful city, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

City Of Saskatoon

Fibre Testing Labs

Here are links to USA fibre testing labs where fibre characteristics are measured. Measurement data can be very useful in your alpaca breeding & fibre marketing programs.


We have found these magazines to be very informative.

International Camelid Quarterly

Alpaca Culture Magazine
Minimum Standards of Camelid Care

The Camelid Community Standards of Care Working Group is proud to present the results of the charge by Lama Community to define Standards of Care for llamas and alpacas – one document stating minimum standards of camelid care for animal welfare officials and another educational document of recommended practices. These two final documents reflect broad-based consensus on both Minimum Standards of Care for Llamas and Alpacas and Recommended Practices in Caring for Llamas and Alpacas.

Camelid Care
Toxic Plants

If you are concerned about poisonous plants and the effects they may have on your animals, here is a PDF reference that you may find useful.
This material is for informational purposes only, not as a guide to home treatment. Contact a veterinarian or poison control center in any case of suspected poisoning!

Guide to Toxic Plants in Forage
Alpaca Fibre Information

Snowmass Alpacas has put together two documents on alpacas and their fibre. We have read these documents and found them to be extremely interesting and highly informative. If you would like to get a glimpse at where this industry may be headed, we would highly recommend you review these documents.

Click below to download  brochures (PDF)

The Making Of Champions    Part 1

The Making Of Champions    Part 2
Alpaca Atlantic

Lisa Olsen & Bill Fletcher of  Alpaca Alantic Of TN have been raising alpacas for over 10 years. Lisa has quite a sense of humour which we really enjoy. She has also amassed a wealth of information on all aspects of the alpaca business & we would encourage you to visit their site for some fun & enlightenment.

Alpaca Atlantic of TN

Organized in 2001 by a group of dedicated Canadian Alpaca Breeders for the promotion of Canadian alpacas worldwide

Canadian National Alpaca Sale & Futurity
The Alpaca Business Planner

This business planning tool was created, by Mike Safley of Northwest Alpacas, to help you through all of the decisions that a prudent person would make prior to committing their hard-earned capital to start an alpaca business. Even though it is written from a USA perspective, most of the information is universally applicable. The exception is tax law, which is slightly different in Canada, in that, the capital cost of animals is only deductible from the money received from the sale of animals and not deductible from other  income.
This is a good guide to assist you in developing your own personal business plan as it makes you think about all the key areas of the business. Please feel free to use it to consolidate your goals and objectives.
Business Planner

We are members of the following associations & we encourage you to visit their websites as they contain a wealth of information on all aspects of the alpaca industry.

Alpaca Canada

Canadian Lama & Alpaca Association

Alpaca Owners Association

Saskatchewan Alpaca Breeders Network