We have assembled a few select photos that we would like to share with you.  We hope you enjoy them. (click on picture to enlarge)
Myself and Two Alpacas
Fantasy and Dakota wanted their picture taken, so I agreed to accommodate them.Debbie holding baby GraceDusk & Myself   
I am holding onto Dusk while she displays her winning ribbon at the 2004 Alberta Futurity.
Dr Julio Sumar and Myself  
Dr Julio Sumar, one of Peru's most respected alpaca judges, congratulates me on Dusk's win at the Apr. 2004 Canadian National Alpaca Futurity show in Red Deer, Alberta.
Farrah & Myself  
I am holding onto Farrah while she displays her winning ribbon at the 2005 Alpaca Ontario Show.Dharma & Myself  
I am holding onto Dharma while she displays her winning ribbon at the 2005 Alpaca Ontario Show.
Fawcett displays her first place ribbon at 2008 Lloydminster Alpaca Showcase .Fawcett displays her Grand Champion ribbon at 2008 Lloydminster Alpaca Showcase .Daisy  
Daisy is the sweetest little puppy I have ever come across. I call her Daisy O'Schnauser because she is a Schnoodle (Schnauser Poodle mix) and Daisy just sounds Irish to me. She is one of my constant companions.Doodle   
Doodle is Daisy's sister. A very lovable puppy also. I call her Doodle O'Schnoodle Because she is a Poodle/Schnause mix & Doodle also sounds Irish to me. This is my other constant companion & lap dog. Crystal is our guardian dog. She is with the alpacas all the time. Crystal is a combination of Great Pyrenees, Akbash & Maremma An absolute joy to be around. She is very playful but also very protective. She is very bright, maybe too much so for her own good. I am constantly amazed at what she does.Crystal
 We love her a lot. All the dogs get along beautifully with each other, the cats and the alpacas.
The kitties , Miss Kitty, Festus, Chester & Dillon [The Gunsmoke Gang], taking it easy on a warm summer day.
Ms Kitty and myself  
Ms Kitty (part of the Gunsmoke gang) likes to tour the yard while perched on my shoulders.Mom's 85th Birthday  
We celebrated Mother's 85th birthday in 2006. She said she had a few aches & pains but she is still going strong.Mom & Dad 60th Wedding Anniversary 
60 years of sharing, loving and still having fun.
 Withey Family  
Kris, Bill, Cody and Kandice on holiday in Newfoundland[Aug 2007] A goooood looking group!!!
Kris and Domi  
A great shot of Kris and one of her favorite dogs, Domi.
Bill and his new motorcycle  
Bill [in the cap] is quite thrilled with his new motorcycle, even though he may not show it.
Cody and puppy  
Cody is keeping a watch on the new puppy to make sure it does not get lost in the snow.
The grand children all excited about going snowmobiling.
Kris's dogs   
Kris was so proud that she got all her dogs to pose at the same time.
Deer Find an unique resting spot.
Anyone want to try out the trampoline we just got ?
A magnificent prairie sunset.A display of Mother Natures artistry on a beautiful winter day.Remnants of Feb 2007 blizzard. Reported to be the worst storm in 50 years.Tamaron telling me how much he likes the tractor.The girls heading for their daily ration in a very orderly fashion.
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