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Our fuzzy friends

Lead a less stressful life with a warm and fuzzy friend

Meet David Wood, Owner of Woody Acres Alpacas

Over the years, I have developed an increased respect and appreciation for nature and the environment. I find that nature provides me with a spiritual peace that cannot be achieved through any other means. As such, I have to learn to work in harmony with nature to gain an understanding of the meaning and mysteries of life. Also, I was looking for a more leisurely lifestyle, away from the high pressures I had experienced for the last 30 years.


After a lot of research, I thought raising alpacas and the rewarding life style it offered might provide the conditions to help me work towards these objectives.

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Why Alpacas?

Maybe you have a small acreage but something is missing to make it feel complete...

Enrich your life.

If you enjoy the company of animals and the enriching experience they can add to your life, then you may want to consider the environmental friendly alpaca. Domesticated for... 

If you are a Breeder looking for studs and/or proven females, be sure to...

Love fibre crafts.

Maybe you enjoy fibre crafts and need a realiable supply of natural, luxurious raw... 

Our Fibres

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